Few industries are seeing positive sales increases during the pandemic, yet they wonder why should they advertise. If you manufacture sanitizing solutions, paper towels, and gloves or provide the services of selling essential products, then you probably are not interested in building your brand. Few businesses such as Amazon, Walmart […]

Reasons To Continue Advertising During The Pandemic

Businesses are starting to reopen, and many small to medium size businesses are concerned they cannot survive if their clientele has to be at a minimum to enter their facilities. Not all businesses can work remotely, and those who can, should also consider how to reinvent themselves to respond to […]

How To Reinvent Your Business During And After The Pandemic

All businesses: large, medium and small are experiencing the same issues of understanding how to maintain stability during these pandemic times. Creating a flexible strategic business plan now, rather than later, will give your business a positive position to handle the new way we conduct business because customer behaviors are […]

7 tips on Marketing for Small Business Path to Recovery

If your advertising and promotional budget is between $250,000 to $3 million, then it’s time to fire your advertising agency and start a publicity campaign. To get noticed in today’s competitive market, you need editorials, media exposure, and promotional programs that target your customers. You need to hire Carson PR […]

Why You Should Fire Your Ad Agency!