Why You Need To Fire Your Ad Agency!

If your advertising and promotional budget is between $250,000 to $3 million, then it's time to fire your advertising agency and start an aggressive publicity and social media campaign.

To get noticed in today's competitive market, you need editorials, media exposure, and promotional programs that target your customers. To get noticed, you need to hire Carson PR, (the publicity muscle arm for Carson Marketing, Inc.) the street smart agency with a savvy team to get the job done!

Still not sure a publicity campaign will improve your sales and branding, then consider this. We will show you how to get maximum media exposure with a well-planned and crafted publicity and social media campaign to drive customers to your company. Most advertising agencies will show your graphs and charts to convince you the campaign will reach thousands or millions of potential customers. More importantly, are they acting upon it? On the other hand, when customers see your name in an article, or see a story on TV about your company, it quickly becomes the "buzz." and establishes credibility that will make customers respond!


Don't wait for your competition to be the leader in your industry, when you can be the company they follow. Give us a call today, and we will "Make Great Things Happen" for your company! Email George Carson at gcarson@carsonmarketinginc.com