You can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions to get customers to notice you. Then you sit and wait and hope that a few of them will actually act upon those commercials and buy your product or service. If you have millions of dollars or an unlimited advertising budget, then publicity might not be the perfect fit for your company.

For those who are serious about growing their business efficiently and want to be noticed, build traffic to your website, and create a positive reputation that customers will love, then consider an aggressive publicity campaign. But wait! Choosing the right publicity agency that can develop and implement a successful campaign can make or break those goals.

That’s where we come in, CarsonPR–the publicity muscle behind the agency! Our approach is not traditional, or old school. We have been making “Great Things Happen” for our clients since 1980, and we are continually finding ways to reach your customers through creative publicity and social media methods. No longer will a press release alone get you coverage. Our connections with all media (broadcast, print and online) and how we present your business to them will get you the media attention to become a force in your industry.

We have placed our clients products in TV shows and in major movies. Our team has created newsworthy stories that have been featured on national, local TV and radio stations. We are known by many producers and production companies. Our clients businesses have been featured on TV shows like the Food Network/Cooking Channel and many other shows. And our savvy team created a campaign for a regional RVIA RV Show that captured the attention of consumers breaking attendance records for 3 years consecutively. We are only limited by our imagination, and yes, we like to let it soar!

It’s time you become the leader and let the competition follow you! So let’s get started, contact us today for a FREE consultation to discuss how we will #MakeGreatPublicityThingsHappen for your business.