Our Geofencing marketing technology is a powerful tool that can give advertisers the competitive edge they’ve been looking for and that none of their competitors are using. 

How Geofencing Advertising Works

  • A virtual geofence is traced around a location where the advertiser wants to build and target an audience based on their visit to that particular location during a scheduled timeframe. This invisible fence can be of any size, any shape and even a specific area within an event.
  • When people enter the geofenced location during the set timeframe, they will then become a part of an audience that can later be targeted following their visit.
  • As the user visits various apps or browses the Internet on their mobile browsers, they begin to see YOUR ads that promote your service/business. The ads can be designed to promote a specific service, or direct a person to a landing page, or any other promotion.
  • The user will see YOUR ads up to 30 days after he/she has entered the virtual geofence areas.

A geofence marketing campaign is the perfect solution for businesses that want to target a group of people. For example, attending a specific event, targeting a specific zip code, or competitors building(s) and get more reach out of their ad spend rather than simply purchasing zip code targeting or citywide targeting. Our capabilities are unlimited on how we can develop the geofence for your business.

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