What is Content Marketing Strategy?

…and how it applies to your business.

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Content Marketing Strategy

We all know and have heard in social media that content is king. This was challenged recently asking if it is still true. Well, it is. Besides content in your blog, or on your website, we now are finding how to effectively use content as a marketing strategy.

Simply put, content marketing strategy refers to the power of content and understanding how you create the appropriate content strategy. Confused yet? Ok, let’s give an example. In social media, like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest you tell people, followers and even customers about your product or service. Take this one step further by now creating a “two-way” conversation. Make your content be shareable, make it trigger a discussion to encourage your social network to continue the conversation in their social circle. Remember, don’t start “selling” your services or products. Start a conversation.

In order to be effective with content strategy you should have a good and clear understanding of your objective before making any statements, or starting a conversation. This type of content builds viable web content that will engage your target customers as well as search engines. This can help increase your visibility with the search engine rankings.

Be sure to always provide enough quality content for customers to talk about with others.

Aron Agius a well-known person who has helped online marketing campaigns become successful made this statement: “The importance of content marketing strategy cannot be underestimated. Content is the foundation of any successful online marketing campaign. A great strategy is needed in order to fuel social media activity, to create high converting landing pages for pay per click marketing, and to power increases in search engine rankings for target keywords.” He continued saying, “businesses of all sizes can benefit from implementing a solid content marketing strategy. Small businesses have just as much opportunity as big business to reach an increased audience trough content marketing – the key element that needs to be monitored is consistency. Consistent content creation and marketing is what sets apart businesses from the many similar businesses jumping on the content marketing bandwagon.”

I don’t think I could have said this any better.

And if you are not sure how to implement this strategy, Aron suggests these 5 steps you can follow:

1) Focus your plan around being able to consistently create high quality content.

2) Ensure your content strategy covers a wide range of different content types. Text blog posts, advanced guides, infographics, images, video — the more types of media you create the greater the potentially reach and the number of different distribution channels you can use to get eyeballs on your content.

3) If need be outsource your content creation, but only do so once you have developed strict guidelines around tone, style, voice, and the core messages that you want your content to speak towards.

4) Identify the problems in your industry, the questions people are asking and focus on being a resource that creates content that solves problems and puts you in a position of authority within your industry.

5) Don’t forget the marketing in content marketing. This is the most important point. People are now creating endless amounts of content and thinking they are doing content marketing. You should be spending as much time in marketing the content as you are creating the content on the first place.

In all, everyone wants to have great rankings and top positioning in all the search engines. But to do this, you need to have a strong on-going program. Content Marketing is just one aspect of a good social media program. Need help? Give George Carson a call for a no obligation discussion on how to “#MakeGreatThingsHappen” for your business.